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Shipping policy

Delivery Service Terms of Use:

  1. 網上提交訂單後,系統會自動發出訂單的收妥通知電郵。
    After you have submitted your order form on this Website, this Website will  automatically issue a notification confirming the receipt of the order form via the email address provided by you.

  2. 訂單核實後,將會再發出確認電郵。
    The order form becomes valid only after Tai Pan has further verified the product, quantity, price, and other information contained in the order form and confirms by another email.

  3. 訂單確認接納後,訂購貨品在正常情況下約於1星期內送達,送貨時間為上午9:00至下午6:00期間,星期日及公眾假期不設送貨服務。
    Upon acceptance of order and under normal circumstances, delivery of the order will take about 1 week to arrive at the designated address between 9:00am and 6:00pm. No delivery will be made on Sunday and Public Holidays.

  4. 禮券及現貨的訂單將會分開發貨處理。
    Delivery arrangements of actual products and coupons will be separately processed.

  5. 送貨服務僅限於香港境內的固定地址,範圍包括香港、九龍及新界各區(部分市區及偏遠地區或會不設送貨服務,送貨服務提供與否有待大班確認),不能送貨到地址為郵政信箱或郵遞編號。請參閱送貨服務收費表。
    Delivery services are only available at permanent addresses within the territory of Hong Kong, which consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories (Delivery services may not be available in some urban or distant areas. The availability of delivery services is subject to the confirmation of Tai Pan). Items will not be delivered to Post Office Boxes. Please refer to Tai Pan’s delivery service charge list below.

  6. 所有非固定地址,例如:樓宇大堂、機場範圍及口岸出入境大堂、禁區、離島、碼頭、展覽會場、貨櫃碼頭、物流公司/中心、倉庫、酒店、收貨部地址等,及沒有升降機服務提供之地點,例如:唐樓、村屋等,均不設送貨服務。
    Delivery services are not available to all non-permanent addresses, e.g. building lobbies, airport areas, departure and arrival halls of control points, restricted areas, the outlying islands, piers, exhibition venues, container terminals, logistics companies/centres, warehouses, hotels, addresses of receiving departments, etc., and any place without lift services, e.g. tenement buildings (tong lau), village houses, etc.

  7. 如訂購貨品是冰皮月餅現貨,每單一訂單之訂購數量上限為4盒。閣下/收貨人請預留雪櫃冰格位置冷凍儲存冰皮月餅。
    For any order of snowy mooncakes, a maximum of four (4) boxes of snowy mooncakes can be ordered under each order.

  8. 如因天氣(例如颱風或暴雨)、交通情況、突發事故或特殊原因而未能於預定的送貨日期送達,大班或派遞公司會另作送貨安排,大班或派遞公司可能會按閣下提供的電話號碼聯絡閣下/收貨人。
    If the products cannot be delivered as scheduled due to weather conditions (e.g. typhoon and rainstorms), traffic conditions, accidents or special reasons, Tai Pan or delivery companies will arrange for delivery and use the phone number provided by you to contact you or the recipient.

  9. 貨品將按閣下提供的收貨地址送貨,一經完成交收,即代表閣下/收貨人已確認收妥。如貨品是由管理處、接待處或其他人士代收而遺失、損毀或令貨品品質受影響,閣下/收貨人將需自行承擔責任及不獲退款或賠償。
    Products will be delivered according to the delivery address provided by you. The handover of the products indicates the acceptance of the products by you or the recipient. If the products are received by the management office, the reception, or other persons resulting in any loss, damage or impairment of the quality of the products, you or the recipient shall be responsible for such loss, damage or impairment of quality. No refund or compensation will be provided in such circumstances.

  10. 貨品送達時,如閣下/收貨人未能即時交收、失約或閣下提供的送貨地址或其他相關資料不正確,而引致貨品交收不能完成,大班將就其後送貨安排保留向閣下/收貨人收取額外送貨服務費用的權利;如閣下/收貨人因任何理由導致再次送貨仍然不能成功完成交收,該貨品則視作閣下/收貨人自動放棄論,大班恕不退款及不承擔任何責任或賠償。
    Upon delivery of the products, if you or the recipient is unable to take delivery of the products, or is absent, or the delivery address or other relevant information is incorrect, causing the unsuccessful delivery of the products, Tai Pan reserves the right to charge you or the recipient for additional delivery fee for additional delivery arrangement. If you or the recipient, due to any reason, cause the unsuccessful re-delivery and handover of the products, you or the recipient would be deemed to give up the products voluntarily. Tai Pan will not refund, bear any responsibility or provide any compensation in such a situation.

  11. 任何因延誤郵遞或送貨可能造成的損失或損害,大班恕不承擔任何責任或賠償,閣下及收貨人亦不可籍此要求退款或退貨。
    Tai Pan shall not be responsible for any liability or compensation in cases of any loss and damages that can be caused by delay of mailing or delivery. You and the recipient cannot request for refund or return of products for this reason.

  12. 此送貨服務須知均受本網站的條款及細則所約束,如有任何更改,恕不另行通知,如有任何爭議,大班保留最終決定權。
    This Delivery Service Terms of Use is subject to all terms and conditions on this Website. Tai Pan reserves all its rights to amend the content, terms and conditions on this Website at any time without further notice. Tai Pan reserves the rights of final decision in any dispute.

Delivery Service Charge (for Rice Dumpling Coupon only)# 

Product Category
(Per delivery address per order)
Min Order Qty/Amt
Hong Kong Island
New Territories
Tung Chung Region
Rice Dumpling Coupon (Physical Coupon)
1 pc or above
HK$ 30 HK$ 30 HK$ 30 HK$ 30
Rice Dumpling Coupon (Physical Coupon)
折實價HK$ 600或以上
Total Net Amount of HK$ 600 or above

* 端陽糭券:星期日及公眾假期不設送貨服務。
* Rice Dumpling Coupon: No delivery available on Sunday and Public Holidays.

# 個別地區可能只限指定日子送貨。送貨地址接受與否,以大班最終決定為準。
# Availability of delivery services is subject to the confirmation of Tai Pan. For certain areas, delivery services may only be available for certain specific dates.

No delivery services for non-permanent addresses and the following  urban or distant areas#

Hong Kong Island
New Territories
Distant Areas

Temple Hill
(Shatin Pass Road to Kwun Yum Temple)


Lei Yue Mun Praya Road




北區 – 羅湖、沙頭角、文錦渡、打鼓嶺、鶴藪及鹿頸
North District – Lo Wu, Sha Tau Kok, Man Kam To, Ta Kwu Ling, Hok Tau, Luk Keng

元朗區 – 米埔、流浮山及落馬洲
Yuen Long District – Mai Po, Lau Fau Shan, Lok Ma Chau

屯門區 – 龍鼓灘
Tuen Mun District – Lung Kwu Tan

大埔區 – 蓮澳及船灣
Tai Po District – Lin Au, Plover Cove

西貢區 – 北潭涌、海下灣、布袋澳、榕樹澳及大廟
Sai Kung District – Pak Tam Chung, Hoi Ha Wan, Po Toi O, Yung Shue O, Tai Miu

沙田區 – 上/下禾輋及花心坑
Sha Tin District – Upper/Lower Wo Che, Fa Sam Hang

(except Tung Chung)

Last updated: Dec 2021